These floors consist of thin precast reinforced concrete slabs of the so-called lost boarding (thickness 4.5-7 cm), additional reinforcements and a concrete overlay poured on the construction site up to the total height which is foreseen in the construction project.

The slabs are produced with a length of up to 2.40 m and a width of up to12 m. They can be of any shape, for example rectangular, triangular, circular; they can also have openings. The openings must be taken into account in the stage of designing the floor. The weight of 1 m² of the slabs is from 125-145 kg.

The slabs can be laid on walls, binding joists, poles, and suspended on neighbouring slabs.

The advantages of FILIGRAN type floors are:

  • Speedy and easy installation
  • Unloading from a lorry
  • Low deadweight (1 m² of the slabs from 125-145 kg)
  • Wide spans (even up to 12 m)
  • Lower construction height compared with multi-rib floors
  • Owing to smooth and even slabs, less plastering of the ceiling is required
  • Making cuttings and openings possible
  • Lower capital costs of making the floor
  • Good isolation properties
  • Operational load admissible even over 10 kN



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