SMART light panel floors

(szerokość 45 cm lub 60 cm, wysokość 20 cm, rozpiętość do 9 m)

NEW! SMART floors with a span of 60 cm!!!

(width 45 cm or 60 cm, height 20 cm, span up to 9 m

The main advantages of the product offered by KONBET Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. are:

  • Low deadweight – SMART is lighter than ceramic floors, for example Porotherm, Fert or TERIVA, the heaviest element weighs less than a pallet of bricks or blocks (SMART with a length of 4.5 m weighs 500 kg, with a length of 9 m – 1000 kg)
  • Easy and speedy installation – using light lifting equipment, for example a lorry with HDS, the floor can be installed on a detached house within one hour.
  • Lower costs of execution of the floor – owing to lowered material and labour costs.



  • Unique modularity – enabling construction of floors with different widths with no cutting the slabs required.
  • Lower radioactive compounds content – much lower than in other types of floors (especially in relation to ceramic floors)
  • Excellent sound insulation properties – definitely better than in TERIVA multi-rib or Porotherm floors
  • Elimination of labour and costs connected with:
  1. plastering
  2. making concrete overlay
  3. boarding
  4. making separating ribs or support reinforcement
  • High strength characteristics – from 5 to even 40 kN/m², compared with TERIVA, FERT, Porotherm floors, which only achieve values from 4 to 8 kN/m².
  • Equal top and bottom floor surface
  • Extra constructional potential – a staircase or a balcony can be created by pulling out the supports (on request)
  • Increasing of the cubic capacity of the room possible – owing to the floor thickness, which is only 20 cm and lower compared with most other floors, which are 24, 30, 34 cm thick.
  • Space saving on construction site – unlike many other types of floors, SMART light panel floors can be laid directly from a lorry.
  • Safe transport and storing (if necessary) – thanks to using the so-called concrete upper prestressing.

Thanks to the above key advantages of SMART light panel floors, they can efficiently compete with multi-rib floors, such as TERIVA, FERT or Porotherm, contributing to the improvement in and acceleration of the construction cycle and positively influencing environmental protection, human health and financial savings.


SMART light panel floors are registered with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (Spain) – Community Design No 001191027-0001.



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